Theoretical Background:

MBA International Management
HD Financial Management & Informatics

Danish (native speaker)
English (written and spoken)
German (written and spoken)
Scandinavian – negotiation level

Professional Background

Management consultant in Valcon A/S; Danish consultancy firm primarily with assignments for large and medium-sized Danish companies

Management consultant in PwC; international consultancy company, primarily with assignments for large international groups abroad

CEO / Managing director in a medium-sized order-producing company (textile industry – women’s clothing)

CFO in a small order-producing company (furniture industry/construction industry)

Group Controller and CFO in Danish-owned international group (food industry)

Accounting Manager (in Germany) in subsidiary of Danish-owned international group (food industry)

CFO and Controller in subsidiary of large Danish industrial group (food industry)

Finance Assistant in large listed Danish-based international industrial group (conglomerate)

Group Accountant in corporate finance in large listed Danish-owned industrial group (conglomerate)

Supply Chain Management in large Danish group (retail)