TURN-AROUND expertise

    • Addressing urgent issues in distressed companies.
    • Leadership and financial management.
    • Holistic restructuring encompassing strategy, leadership, operations, and financing.

Key offerings:

    • Comprehensive review and analysis to identify challenges, followed by efficient solution implementation.
    • Interim management to ensure smooth integration of solutions into daily operations.
    • Refinancing initiatives.
    • Organizational reconfiguration.
    • Crisis intervention and management.
    • Streamlining product portfolios.
    • Structuring corporate entities, both nationally and internationally.

Business Development and Strategy

    • OC Management offers the design and execution of both short-term and long-term strategic initiatives and business plans, catering to both national or international scale.
    • OC Management is adept at facilitating the acquisition and divestiture of businesses, including preparing a company for sale.


OC Management provides interim leadership ranging from typically 3 to 12 months. The aim is to infuse your company with specialized expertise within a set timeframe.

OC Managements services include CEO roles, encompassing general management, and CFO positions, focused on finance, financing and controlling. As interim manager, OC Management provides a dynamic boost to your organization. OC Management emphasis lies on swift implementation, coaching, and collaborating closely with your current staff. This approach not only ensures that knowledge is retained but also fosters seamless integration within the company.

By engaging with OC Management for interim management, your company acquires a strategic assest that can be leveraged to its advantage.

Finance and Financing Services

OC Management delivers a comprehensive suite of services that include:

    • Design and roll-out of financial project management models.
    • Profitability analyses like Activity-Based Costing (ABC) to assess the profitability of products and customers, factoring in all associated costs based on resource consumption.
    • Target setting.
    • Cash and liquidity management.
    • Utilization of Balanced Sscorecards (BSC) primarily for managerial reporting.
    • Capital sourcing and acquisition.
    • Working capital management.
    • LEAN methogologies in administration.
    • Management Reporting, locally and internationally.
    • Transnational valuation of products and services.

Board Services

OC Management offers expertise in board responsibilities, serving across various organizational levels.

Current Positions:

    • Hjorthede Planteskole A/S (Chairman).
    •  Allsize Company ApS (Chairman).
    • Akurat A/S (Board Member).

Consulting and Advisory Services

Beyond the previously highlighted domains, OC Management delivers consulting and advisory expertise, coupled with collaborative insights in key areas such as:

    • Project management, encompassing IT projects and project management related to a large company’s stock exchange listing.
    • Tailored advice, with a primary focus on the SME sector.
    • Establishment and initiation of subsidiaries, nationally and internationally. OC Management covers numerous European countries, notably Germany, the UK, Latvia and Poland, and extends to countries like Russia, Japan, China, and the USA.